About Us

It all started with a gift. Many years ago, a wonderful friend presented us with a beautiful Italian ceramic platter for our new home. Hopefully you have one of these friends in your own circle. Our friend Rob has always been the perfect gift-giver. The opening of one of Rob's gifts has always brought the response of, "It's beautiful. Where did you find it?"

This was the response Rob received when we opened our beautiful Italian ceramic platter. Rob shared his secret - a wonderful enclave of artists and importers who were sharing the Baker-Hamilton building in San Francisco.

Needless to say, we returned many times to the Baker-Hamilton building over the years -adding to our Italian ceramics and incorporating some unique Indonesian furnishings to our home. Unfortunately, the Baker-Hamilton cooperative disappeared during San Francisco's high-rent dot-com boom.

Since then, the years have rolled by and I've had a chance to visit Europe, and Italy in particular, several times. Our love for Italian culture, art and food has grown. We've painted faux fresco treatments on many of our home's walls, delved into Italian cooking, and even taken a class or two at our local language center.

We hope you'll share our love of this very special art form. Whether you purchase something as a gift or as a treasured future family heirloom, we know you'll value the craftsmanship and design of our pieces.

In our search for the perfect supplier we found a small family run manufacturer. Each piece is beautiful, unique, and of a quality unsurpassed by others.

We think you'll agree and we thank you for visiting.